PTA conducts PT course in...

PTA recently conducted a course on Proficiency Testing and Inter-Laboratory studies in the Kingdom of Bahrain.  Full Story  

Forensic Science - Profic...

Proficiency Testing Australia (PTA) will participate at the 22nd International Symposium on the Forensic Sciences of the Australian and New Zealand Forensic Science Society (ANZFSS), held in Adelaide from Sunday 31 August to Thursday 4 September 2014. Full Story  

Proficiency Testing Australia

How confident are you of your testing and measurement results?


Proficiency testing is a means of assessing the ability of laboratories to competently perform specific tests and measurements.

Proficiency Testing Australia (PTA) is a subsidiary of the National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia.

Programs PTA offers


PTA offers Testing Programs involving the distribution of sub-samples of a material for testing by participating laboratories, Measurement Programs involving the circulation of a measurement artefact among a group of laboratories or a single laboratory, and customised programs, for industry organisations.

For Testing Programs, a laboratory’s performance is normally a comparison to consensus values calculated from the results submitted.

For Calibration Programs, laboratory results are compared to values established by a reference laboratory, taking into account measurement uncertainties.


All information supplied by a laboratory as part of a proficiency testing program is treated as confidential.

Training and consultancy

PTA provides training courses and consultancy services on proficiency testing and statistical applications.

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